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Healing. Balance. Energy. Focus. Strength.

Hi, I’m Brian and I partner with people to create Unique Wellbeing Solutions that bring holistic health and happiness.

I am a Registered Nurse for 25 years, and I have extensive Clinical experience in Medical, Surgical, Mental Health, Addiction, Health Promotion and Primary Health.

I deliver Wellbeing Workshops on Employee Wellbeing, Stress Reduction, Mental Resilience, Mental Agility, Mindfulness, Positive Mental Health.

For Employers/ Organisations

Happy employees are productive and I deliver Wellbeing Workshops on Employee Wellbeing, Stress Reduction, Mental Resilience, Mental Agility, Mindfulness, Positive Mental Health.


Stressed employees are unproductive and unhappy. I can address these issues in a workshop with staff. There are many benefits to be achieved through a workshop:

Better Attention & Concentration

Better Communication Skills

Better Employee Focus

Better Mental Clarity

Be Well.

Be a Non-Smoker.

Sleep Soundly.


Be Free from Pain.

Learn To Be Mindful.

Hypnotherapy Help For Individuals

Hypnosis allows you to achieve a result or goal by approaching it in a fresh, new and natural way.
Hypnosis brings you to a safe feeling of deep relaxation, focus and concentration.

In this natural and safe feeling of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy allows you to work on achieving your goals on a very deep level because you are more suggestible and you are accessing your powerful subconscious mind.

Benefits of My Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Programs 

Higher Brain/Cognitive Function

Increased Immune Function

Lowered Blood Pressure

Lowered Heart Rate

Increased Focus

Increased Energy

Increased Serotonin

Increased Self-Kindness/Compassion

Coping with Stress.

Hypnotherapy helps you reduce stress and feel more empowered.

Giving up Smoking.

Hypnotherapy to become a non-smoker.

Losing Weight

Hypnotherapy helps you lose weight by working on goal setting, motivation and focus









"Brian Barnes will get you happy and healthy!"

Chloe Nabarro

"Very kind and empathetic professional who treats the human heart with deep respect"


Ali Zeck

“I had always been sceptical in relation to hypnotherapy. Following the death of my sister I was struggling to sleep. Through conversations with Brian I decided to give hyonotherapy a go. The experience was nothing like I expected. My inhibitions in relation to hypnotherapy disappeared and I was comfortable throughout. Now, when I am struggling to sleep I follow the process that Brian used with me when hypnotised and sleep like a baby!!!

-Mark King

I visited Brian to get some help for my anxiety and panic attacks as I didn’t want to keep taking medication for it. I tried hypnotherapy and it has worked. So glad I gave it a go.. Brian is very professional and his empathy and understanding of his clients is nothing like I’ve ever seen before”

-Trish F.


Hypnotherapy treatments can be done virtually-online- through Zoom, quite easily. Message Me for a Free Discovery Call to discuss.


(087) 9270045



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