Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain – the benefits?


Chronic Pain is one of the most prevalent and debilitating medical conditions, and also one of the most complex and controversial to manage.

Patients with chronic pain can become physically and psychologically dependent on opioid drugs.

Estimates indicate the personal and sociology-economic impact of chronic pain conditions is as great as, and likely greater than conditions such as cardiac disease and cancer.


An Irish Study on the subject

Chronic Pain is a major problem in Ireland. According to the Irish PRIME Study (2011] on Chronic Pain, 36% of Irish adults experience Chronic Pain, and this figure rises to 50% in people over 65.


The chances of becoming depressed are also much higher for Chronic Pain sufferers, with depressive symptoms occurring five times more often in people with Chronic Pain.


Hypnotherapy Can Benefit a Sufferer


Hypnotherapy is evidence and research-based to reduce the symptoms of Chronic Pain, which greatly improves the sufferers quality of life, mood and outlook toward the future.

It is possible to live a happier, healthier life using Clinical Hypnotherapy to reduce Chronic Pain.


Brian Barnes: Is a qualified mental health professional based in Ireland with over 25 years experience. Brian also offers wellbeing services to the corporate sector through wellbeing workshops and offers support for individuals ranging from dealing with stress to addiction cessation and much more.

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